Bessie has company!

Well, October is certainly turning into the month for new opportunities!  I can’t quite believe I have done this but, as usual, my spontaneous nature has got  better of me.  Late one night, I found I had an overwhelming desire to find a companion for Bessie and before I knew it I became the proud owner of an amazing Cheltenham Sable caravan!

I tentatively mentioned my purchase to my family who really didn’t have more than five minutes to make a response – which is possibly not best placed written here. I called my lovely sister-in-law (yes it was the middle of the night) who was equally excited and we agreed to set off to Berkshire the following day to collect her.  Thank goodness for a buddy to travel with – it’s just not the same on your own.  These adventures just have to be shared.

I now have my ‘new’ caravan at home and will be starting work on her to make her as glorious as Bessie over the coming months.  She is all the original features – gas lamps, cooker, sink, tin toilet – yes tin toilet!   My first job is to start scrubbing – so here are a few pictures at the start of her make over.  I will show you lots of photos as work progresses – who knows you may well be booking a wonderful glamping party soon.

My lovely Cheltenham Sable all ready for a fabulous make over – no name caravan!

Apple green seating / good size single beds

The original kitchen area

Original gas cooker – all in working order

Love how these litte sinks are tucked away – a good scrub required

A little space to keep my wine!

I’ll be giving this a good clean – original tin toilet