Enjoying the countryside

What an amazing weekend!  We are so lucky to have such wonderful countryside on our doorstep.  The possibilities are endless:

A days picnic

An overnight camp with friend

Woodland and riverside walks

A special birthday tea in Bessie

After gathering my hedgerow treasures I felt so hot I decided to take a stroll through the wonderfully shaded woodland and a little dip of my toes in the river – just magical.  This is all for the sharing so why not give your friends a treat and book a Bessie birthday treat?  Don’t forget, the end of Sept to end of October we are opening up our fields for campers at just £10 per vehicle per night – children and dogs very welcome.

These steps to the river are so inviting on a scorching hot day – it’s got to be done
Down by the river – so peaceful. Spot the Kingfishers and hear the geese
Peeping through to our sunshine filled fields from the shady woodland
Is this the fairy door? There is certainly a whole wildlife village going on under this ancient woodland
Look how many tree trunks have emerged from this one tree over many years
The magical, shaded woodland walk – full of wildlife. If you need to relax or get some inspiration it’s a perfect place to be

An amazing ancient tree – anyone for a climb?

Gloriously golden at the moment, these chestnuts will be perfect for roasting in the Autumn – must get there before the squirrels though (maybe we’ll share)

Beautiful blackberries – just waiting to be eaten! Blackberry and apply pie or Blackberry Brandy anyone?


Straw bales in the midday sun with the church in the background

Lovely wild Damsons – sshhh don’t tell anyone! Damson Brandy soon